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We believe in recycling, reducing, and reusing bicycles and components. If you're considering getting a new bike, or have an old one you don't use anymore, you're welcome to bring it in to have us sell it for you for store credit or cash. Our consignment program is one way we keep waste out of the landfill (and your garage). We believe that having fully serviced used bikes available at fair prices benefits the community, and we like doing the repair work for an honest dollar.

  • When you first bring your item in for consignment we will evaluate it and determine if it's something we wish to accept, if it requires repairs, and what it's value is

  • All Mountain Bikes will go through an additional mechanical evaluation

  • CLEAN items in good mechanical condition are the most valuable

  • Z Cycle Shop reserves the right to reject any bicycle



The cost of all necessary repair parts and labor will be deducted from the seller's portion once the item sells. If the item does not sell the seller is still responsible for all repair costs.

For items priced over $100, 65% to the seller paid as cash

70% paid as store credit


NEW SECOND LOCATION now open at 3217 E Colfax Ave



Summer is here, just swing right on in for on the spot service. No need to schedule an appointment 

(303) 883-6645

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